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Confartigianato is an autonomous and non-political trade-union association, founded on the principle of free adhesion and open to all of the branches of craftsmanship and SME. Since 1946 it represents the productive sphere by combining the trade-union action with services for the enterprises. 

More than 520.000 artisan entrepreneurs identify themselves in Confartigianato, making it become the ector’s major trade-union organisation, present all-over Italy with 119 territorial associations, gathered in 20 regional federations. The almost 900 types of handicraft activity are grouped in 63 category associations and there are more than 14.000 executives and technicians put in service for the benefit of the Confartigianato associates in 1.200 branch offices distributed all over the Nation.

Confartigianato in Sardinia 

With 5 adherent territorial organisations, gathering more than 29 branch offices, Confartigianato Sardegna is the most representative regional structure in the world of Sardinian SME and artisanship. It is a reference for more than 5.000 handicraft enterprises, much more than 30% of the totality. Confartigianato Sardegna ensures a focused and concrete presence in the relationships with the Sardinian Regional Administration, with the regional institutions and with the entrepreneurial and labour organisations. Moreover, Confartigianato pays attention on affiliate’s needs and tries to provide the most important services like training courses, advices, consulence, assistance in various themes.


Confartigianato in Italy

Confartigianato is the main drive behind the trade-union negotiation for the sector, which has produced more than 20 collective labour contracts at national level and a widespread articulated negotiation, which involves the system of Bilateral Bodies. • it is present in the administrative boards of INPS (National Institute for Social Security), Artigiancassa (Fund for the Artisan Enterprises’ Credit), ICE (Institute for Foreign Trade), the Committee for Euro within the Ministry of Treasury and of many other public and private bodies; 

• it is present within the CNEL – National Council for Economy and Labour

• it participates to consultation processes on themes such as economical and social politics with the Executive (National Government, Regional Government,

Provincial Council, Comunal Council etc.)

• it follows the Parliament’s activities in the laws elaboration processes.


Confartigianato in Europe

• Since its constitution, Confartigianato adheres to the FIA, International Federation of Craft

• It represents italian artisans and small entrepreneurs in the EESC, Economical and Social Committee of the European Union

• It is one of the founder partners of UEAPME, the European Association of Craft and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises